Weekly CR

Weekly CR
Wednesday, May 5, 2021

6:30PM Large Group
7:00PM Testimony – Amy
7:30PM Small Groups (some Zoom groups)

3550 SW Borland Road
Tualatin, OR

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2 thoughts on “Weekly CR

  1. Amy Collier says

    This page is both helpful and frustrating. As someone who is a newcomer…. you take a test and then there is no, so what’s next?
    You can see that there are study guides but no link to purchase them.
    You can see that there are “some” zoom meetings but no links to get to them.

    Can you provide some suggestions please to all of the above?

    • Amy, There are no tests to start Celebrate Recovery. Attending on Wednesday night you get to worship, which changes perspective towards God and His strength to live life. The teachings point out our faulty thinking, and provide new ways to cope. Testimonies reveal to us the journey of another person from brokenness towards wholeness. Small Groups are a way to share the weekly drama in our life safely with other people, along with any victories or changes in behavior. The Zoom meetings are not publicly posted, because we need to provide a safe environment for participants. At the start of the pandemic we used Zoom for worship, teaching, testimony and small groups. Now we mostly meet in person for worship, teaching, testimony and small groups. There are two small groups on Zoom for men, but none for women. We also have a private Facebook group where we do publish the Zoom links, and all content is kept private. Another helpful process is called Step Study, which is a 9 month group meeting outside of Wednesday night, that requires an hour of homework per week, that is what the Study Guides are used for. You may sign up for a Step Study on Wednesday night, and when the next one is scheduled, then you will be notified. Step Study guides are sold on Wednesday night at Rolling Hills Community Church, where CR is held each week. Welcome to Celebrate Recovery.

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